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Dear Beautiful Being,

What? You don't feel beautiful? Well you've heard about the raw food diet that is taking the world by storm ...

  • People eating raw are finding that their skin looks glowing and healthy
  • People eating raw are losing weight without even trying!
  • Some people eating raw are making almost miraculous recoveries from disease!
  • People eating raw food have their friends and family noticing how well they look!

Welcome to the magical benefits of raw food!

Secrets of Raw Food beauty

There are plenty of health benefits to make you think about switching to a raw food diet. There are fewer fats, sodium and sugar than a typical diet.

Eating raw boosts the levels of important vitamins, minerals and health-promoting anti-oxidants too. Studies show this leads to fewer cases of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes

Best of all, eating raw food makes you look and feel great! Your skin looks younger, your weight problems vanish, your energy levels soar!

So what actually is raw food? Most people don't even know for sure, because sometimes it's not so simple to tell.

Raw food is living food, food in which the vital enzymes have not been heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. That's plenty cool enough for important, health-promoting enzymes to survive.

But maybe you are wondering what's so special about these raw or living foods that you would need to know a lot of stuff about them? It's just a question of eating foods that you don't have to cook, right?

Sure, you could be forgiven for thinking that way. You certainly are not alone ... many people get this wrong. But not everything that looks raw, truly is raw! And it is vital to know the difference if you want to reap the possible benefits of being 100% raw.

Take an example. How many of the following foods in your local grocery store would you think are raw foods?

  • plain unroasted cashews
  • plain unroasted sunflower seeds
  • coconut milk
  • olives in brine in a glass jar
  • olives in a can

You might think they were all raw, because none of them look cooked.
But the answer, unless you have a very unusual local grocery store, is just one.
(I'll tell you which one inside the pages of 'Truly Raw'.)

Inside this 36-page ebook that you can download and read right now (even if it is 3.00 in the morning), you will also discover:

  • the three main different types of raw diet
  • health points to watch out for when you go raw
  • why losing excess weight is virtually guaranteed if you eat 100% raw food
  • where you will get your protein
  • how you will get your energy (the fruit vs. fat debate)
  • why vitamin B12 is important
  • what are raw superfoods and do you really need them
  • how to transition to raw if you prefer the gradual approach
  • what kitchen equipment you will need (you probably have a lot of it already)
  • whether frozen food is raw
  • how to handle eating in a restaurant or with friends
  • how to go raw if you don't normally do the cooking in your house
  • whether it's safe for kids to go raw
  • how to handle cravings
  • how to finally let go of emotional dependence on food

... and much, much more!

So here's the bottom line.

Going raw can be an incredible experience, but there is a lot that you need to know to make the most of this new way of life.

It can all seem much harder than it has to be if you don't have access to the tips and secrets contained in my Truly Raw ebook.

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Rosie Fox

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